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Three reasons to dive into email marketing today—and how to get started

It’s easy to see why email marketing is one of the best investments a business owner can make.

1. It’s effective

In 2019, over 80 percent of Americans use the internet on a daily basis. And while 69 percent of the U.S. adult population is active on at least one social media platform, the average American internet user has over seven social media accounts, making it hard to guess which platforms are preferred by your customers.

By comparison, over 90 percent of Americans use email, making email marketing one of the most effective communications tools available. An email campaign allows you to engage directly with existing and prospective clients through targeted, personalized emails that land right in your audience’s inbox. How does email marketing compare to traditional direct mail through the postal service? Sending targeted email campaigns to your list is far less expensive and resource-intensive, easier, and much faster than creating and “snail mailing” printed marketing materials.

2. It’s trackable

Unlike direct mail, email marketing makes it possible for business owners to track just about every detail: who opened or forwarded your email, which links were clicked, which ones bounced (were not delivered), how many people unsubscribed. Easy access to analytics can help inform needed changes and updates to ensure your messaging is on target for your audiences.

3. It’s inexpensive

Perhaps the most important benefit is sheer value. Email marketing services are significantly less expensive than direct-mailed marketing materials. Email marketing services often offer various subscription levels to fit your needs. While there are some expenses associated with building your list of customers and prospects, sending an email costs pennies and can earn you a substantial consumer following.

Approached with skill and careful planning, email marketing is one of the most accessible and inexpensive ways for businesses to engage existing and new audiences, promote their services, and tailor messaging to their customers.

Consider this example email (above right) created by BadDog Design for Natasha Santa Fe, an art and fashion gallery located in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. In this case, the simple, clean design, with minimal text and bold images, is perfectly-suited to promote a fashion event. Contact us to explore layout and style options customized to your specific brand or company.

Getting started

Start by finding the right email marketing service.

Email marketing services are designed to help businesses manage and use email effectively as a communications and marketing tool. Popular examples include our first choice Emma and Mailchimp and Constant Contact. A good service features friendly accommodating customer service available by phone or chat; attractive, easy-to-use templates; customizable contact lists, and truly helpful data gleaned from each email you send.

When reviewing email marketing services, be sure to carefully test all features, including customer support, analytical tools, user interface, and value. The best platforms should meet industry standards including email templates, subscription forms for your website, tracking and list management tools, and html coding features. It’s also important to consider how a given email marketing service integrates with other important platforms, such as social media and websites.

Keep in mind that email marketing is but one component of an effective marketing strategy. A successful marketing plan also incorporates blogging and social media, efficiently connecting the dots between all your outreach efforts and building brand recognition—and ultimately sending current and prospective customers directly to your website, where they can learn more about your business and engage with you directly (more on this in next month’s post…!).

Diving in

Call BadDog Design to learn how we can help you grow your business through well-designed, effective email marketing.

Sign up for our monthly Howl (or follow us on Facebook) and be the first to know about upcoming promotions and workshops in email marketing, branding, website updates and more, held in the loft at BadDog Design.

If you’re in Santa Fe, join us for our free, 2-hour workshop on this topic: “Using email marketing to increase your audience,” on Tuesday, October 15th, at 10:00 am. We’ll walk you through the basics of email marketing and show you some fun examples. Workshop participants are eligible for an email set-up discount through BadDog.

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